How to change the image of Labeled Graphic

Apr 04, 2019


I have recently started learning Rise. I'm creating an interactivity using Labeled Graphic. I want to change the default image but the Edit button is not working. Can someone please help me and tell me the steps to change the image of Labeled Graphic?


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Devansh Malik

I understand this is an old thread but I have a question related to labeled graphics in Rise360. Is there anyone who could help please?

On the web/desktop the markers/labels pops up on the same screen with the text we have added but on the mobile it pops up on the entire full screen and the learner has to close it all the time to move to the next marker. 

Though this feature is helpful my current audience is mobile users and asking them to do this 'click on marker and close the pop-up' all the time is difficult


Helen Naldrett-Jays

I am getting an 'error!' whenever I try to edit the image on a Labeled Graphic block and upload a new one. 
I click on 'upload image'
Before the 'error!' message appears it briefly flashes 'uploading labelled graphic'.
And then 'error!' and the word 'dismiss'. There's no reason given for the error.
I've tried a jpg and a png.
I've tried with and without blanks in the title of the image
I've tried different and all up-to-date browsers
Please can you advise?
Thanks so much