How to create a scenario in rise with 2 people talking back and forth (not both in the same shot)

May 05, 2023

I've listened to the videos and reviewed the articles, but what I am trying to do is have a supervisor in scene one talk with clinician in scene two to discuss how to answer an assessment item while giving that clinician 3 choices to choose from, and feedback for each of the 3 choices. I cannot figure out how to set up the 3 choices initially, and where to place the feedback.  Advice? I have already done a storyboard to guide me in the process

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Judy Nollet

Each scene in a Scenario block can show a different character. Any Dialog item within a scene can offer up to 3 responses, each with its own feedback. And each response could be programmed to jump to its own specific follow-up item (i.e., another Dialog/question item or just a Text item). However, there are quirks to how a Scenario block displays, which you may or may not like for this situation. 

I recently responded to this similar request: (And I see you added a question there for the post's author.)

I think you could create the "conversation" between the supervisor and clinician by using Image+Text blocks. Then follow that with a Knowledge Check question that presents the 3 choices. 

Best wishes with whatever you decide!