How to do translation of question bank

Aug 22, 2022

Dear Articulate team,

There is a bug in Rise regarding question bank translation. When create a xlif file for translation and import the respective translated xlif  into their respective language file, it donot show the translation text. Could you please fix it ASAP or provide a way how to do this?

Best regards,



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Caitlin Mulholland

Hi there,

We did have some of the translations come through on XLIFF but ran into the following (not just in the question banks): 

  • Missing translations when there was unique feedback for the answer options 
  • Our course had a large question pool set to shuffle, couldn't find an easy way to check/answer key (okay for French but when you get to languages like German it was a bit of a nightmare) 
  • The translated content did not bring up an editable question bank (so we couldn't easily make updates to languages or fix missing translations if we needed too)
  • Back of flip tiles did not translate

I was able to leverage some of what came through on the XLIFF, but did have to go back for extra translations. It's just not ideal, translations are supposed to be the easy part :) Next time i'll be creating a word doc that can easily be referenced and bypass the XLIFF option all together until they release a fix for this. 

David Maddocks

Your 3rd point is what I've been caught by: not being able to edit the questions. The original test ordered multiple choice questions options with a), b), c) ... Randomizing the order of the answer choices made this an issue. I came to the same conclusion as you: separate the question bank from the course content and build a new translated question bank. I only have to work with French and Spanish. Aber Deutsch ist so einfach.