How to get rid of the grey letter "lesson" underneath each lesson?

I have several "sections" set up in my course, and I defined each "section" as a complete "lesson." When learners are studying each lesson, it will appear as "lesson X of X" on the title. However, to make it consistent, I would like to change the "lesson" into "section" (I understand that the "lesson" here refers to the type of each model,  and its either lesson or a quiz) is it possible to hide the "lesson X of X" and hide the grey letter "lesson" underneath each title? 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Amy! Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, you can only change or remove the word "lesson" from the label set, and you can hide the lesson count at the top of lessons, but there isn't a way to remove the actual number from the previous and next buttons.

We're tracking requests to hide this from the previous and next buttons. 

You can change or hide the word "Lesson" via Course Settings > Labels.

You can also toggle off Lesson Count Labels under Course Settings > Navigation

Hope that helps!