How to hide Acceptable Responses in the Fill in the Blank Rise Block

Oct 04, 2019

Hi all

I'm trying to create a knowledge check using the Fill in the Blank Rise Block, and am having trouble hiding the acceptable answers. Is there a way to turn this off so learners can't see it? 

I have attached a screenshot of the block with an incorrect response and I want to hide the acceptable response section (highlighted in yellow).


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Robin Mellon

Please can we have a solution to this problem - I'm another person struggling to find a way to hide the fact that Articulate Rise immediately presents the audience with the acceptable answers, which makes the 'fill in the blank' a useless knowledge check. I note that multiple users have been requesting this feature for over a year but, apart from regular posts from Articulate staff saying "Thanks!", nothing has happened. What a surprise...

Sarah Bennett

Come on Articulate, you need to listen to your customers and actually update your product with stuff that people are crying out for. Rise is supposed to be a learning tool and yet updates to the knowledge check blocks are the most ignored requests. I was trying to use a 'Fill in the blank' knowledge check block as a way to password protect information until ready to move on. But since you give the 'acceptable answer' out without the option to restrict it, it's not serving its purpose. It's been YEARS since this was raised and it's clearly a bugbear for many people. Please can this be added to the features requests or bumped up a few places.

Xavier Mangels

Any updates on this? even though I understand the Knowledge check is not scored, it would help to have the option to show or hide the correct answers, if we want learners to go back and review the lesson prior to the knowledge check, without just re-trying and click on the already shown correct answer.