How to prevent users from downloading video from RISE courses

I'd like to use RISE to deliver a set of  videos. However, users can right click and download the video - even when the course is housed within our LMS. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

This problem does not exist with other videos that are in the LMS but use the LMS player. Instead, a message appears on right click. Powered by JW player 8.0.0. 

Note: I am using the most recent version of Google Chrome but get different results if using the RISE player or the LMS player. 

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Norauto Portugal

That is really bad because, while there certainly are some people who want to protect their videos, there is the other side of the coin.

I get rise courses shared from branches of my company from other countries, with relevant video content for training. I need to be able to download them to work on them and subtitle them. The videos are not available anywhere else except the rise courses.

Please find a work around or rise will have its usefulness drastically reduced for our company.

Kev Williams

I feel the frustration of all the comments, regarding IT protection. 

Ive noticed that if I put my cursor on the video screen, it doesn't provide the scope of right-clicking and "save as".  

However, If I put my cursor on outside the video screen, it allows me to right click and save as.

I am very close to giving up on Articualate, after so many years.  I have a lot of training material and videos ready for my clients, however, I am not confident to allow them to access these materials, due to the ease of downloading or "saving as".

Maybe I am missing something.

Good news, everyone! Learners can no longer download your videos in Rise 360, protecting your intellectual property. Check out the other new video features we added here!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kev. I'm sorry this has been frustrating for you. We made it more difficult to download copies of videos in your training by removing the Save As context when you right click on a video. If you click outside the video to Save As, you should get the source code in HTML format for the page. 

If you're seeing another way to right click and save video content from Rise 360 courses, can you make a quick screencast and let us know here? I want to be sure our enhancement is still working correctly. Thanks!

Nicholas Wardle

We have begun moving our training courses over to rise and I was hoping when I uploaded the html file to our LMS that the text and images would not be able to be downloaded. Essentially, I want the student to be able to view the content but not be able to select any text or images to copy or download. Is this possible?

Nicholas Wardle

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for your reply. This would be critical for us to use Rise going
forward so if this is not implemented I don't think we would renew our
subscription which would be disappointing as apart from that, we think it's
a great product.

I hope something can be actioned soon.


Nick Wardle
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