How to try out xAPI tracking with Rise ?

Jul 10, 2017

Hi everyone,

I wish to create a simple demo of a xAPI tracking with a Rise course. Basically I wish to see what a learner has "experienced" in a course.

My attempts were not very successful so far.

TalentLMS xAPI statements display Ids, not names (Good Learner experienced index.html#/list/cj48ou09z00083e690k91bbvn/preview)

Scorm Cloud throws communication errors with the LRS.

Do I have to explicitly specify a LRS in a Rise output file ?

Thanks a lot

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Philip Siwinski


I start to wonder if Rise is not including the wrong object id in its xAPI statement...

When a learner clicks on an custom activity, here is what I get in the LRS (same issue on scorm cloud) :

In the course's tincan.xml file, here is the activity definition :

Some part of the id is the same but it still differs...
I don't have such issues with Storyline xAPI packages.

What do you think ?

Thanks :-)

Crystal Horn

Hi Philippe!  Thanks for keeping us in the mix with all of your testing!

What you are seeing from the LRS is the activity ID tagged onto the endpoint URL of where the content is hosted.  The ID at the end of that URL appears to match what is stated in the tincan.xml.  We would expect, then, that the LRS is going to understand that ID and be able to match it to the .xml file.

Let me know if the reporting isn't working for you, and we'll have a deeper look!

Philip Siwinski

Hi Crystal, thanks for your help.

The content is hosted on scorm cloud, I think think we see that in the URL from these screenshots.

I appears that the activity ID from the tincan.xml file is not exactly the one we see in the statement. Is it why the name is not retrieved ?

I'm not sure if I should submit a case or if I'm missing something here. With Storyline, I don't have such issue.

Thank you :)

Angie Dobberfuhl


  I did a project recently for the xapi cohort with Torrence Learning and found the same thing with Scorm Cloud.  Does it behave differently with different LRSs? I haven't seen whether anyone else has tested this.

  The engineers told me that this was expected behavior.  It really is not sustainable to use this if the statements aren't human readable!

Julia Meyer

Hi there! Is there any way (or will there be a future enhancement) to capture xAPI data on learner interactions via xAPI statements? We are glad we can package for xAPI and we'd love to track the engagement and usage data in a similar way as we do for Storyline 360 to better understand how our learners interact with content. Thank you for your help!

Julia Meyer

Hi, Crystal! Thank you for your quick reply. In addition to quiz data, our team would like to track deeper usage and learner engagement data to help us understand how learners interact with content in each Rise module. A few examples:

- How many learners are opening/downloading file attachments?
- Are learners clicking each accordion or tab to consume content?
- Are learners engaging with image and/or quote carousels?
- Are learners clicking buttons or other hyperlinks?
- Are learners flipping flashcards?
- Are learners listening to audio?
- Are learners watching videos?
- Are learners clicking each hotspot in a labeled graphic?
- Are learners completing sorting activities, scenarios, etc.?
- How long are learners spending in each lesson? In the overall module?
- On which devices and/or browsers are learners accessing the module?

Is it possible to set custom xAPI statements to track this type of data?

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Julia,

I think some of these are available in Storyline but not Rise. For example, time spent is sent by Storyline but not Rise. 

Storyline also allows adding javascript which opens up possibilities. 

Some other things like tracking downloads could possibly be done via an external script at the link where a user is sent to before being redirected to the actual download link.

Devices/browsers could be tracked from User-Agent string in the LRS. 

If you are interested in tracking Video/Audio. It could be done in a very good way using xAPI Video Profile. A demo is available at 
Details about xAPI Video Profile is available at 


Julia Meyer

Thank you so much for your help, Pankaj!

Question for you on the following idea you shared: Some other things like tracking downloads could possibly be done via an external script at the link where a user is sent to before being redirected to the actual download link.

If I use the multimedia "Attachment" function in Rise to attach a downloadable PDF resource, how might I set up an external script? The only settings I have available are the file attachment upload, padding top/bottom, and background color.

I appreciate your insight!

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Julia,

I do not have access to a content with Attachment or to Rise, so I cannot tell if it is possible to do what I mentioned with the multimedia Attachment function. 

If you can upload a sample content on our demo site:

And send me a link, I can take a look. 

Please do note that the demo site is public. You can alternatively send a link to your content, via direct message. 


Brian Sadler

Hi Crystal,

Are there any plans on the horizon to enhance the xApi output of Rise lessons to be able to report the sorts of things that Julia mentioned above? Is it in the technical roadmap at all?

We're considering trying to build our own javascript library on top of the current Rise xApi package to send this data, but that will obviously be very brittle and break if ya'll update the format.

I tried manually editing the tincan.xml file to configure activities similar to what a quiz reports, but didn't have any luck.


Hi Crystal, our university is actively evaluating Articulate products along with some other authoring tools that support xAPI. It appears that multiple posts have been requesting the full xAPI reporting capability supported by Rise 360 as Storyline 360 does. We understand it may not be on your immediate roadmap.

Can you please clarify - (1) Whether or not Articulate has planned to extend xAPI reporting with Rise? (2) What is the rough timeline such capability can be expected? Thank you!