Hyperlink to other parts of a course?

Sep 17, 2019

Is there anything available that allows for hyperlinks/# to another part of a course?


Harry Carter

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Vivian Hayashi

I would also like this feature in Rise 360, in addition to being able to make sub-sections visible in the index (left panel).

How can I remove the automatic "http:/" when adding web links? I'm creating an onboarding training deck and need to link to internal document pages, but the "http:/" is breaking the link. :(

Kristoffer Darj


That would be useful. Buttons work, but text that link to other lessons would be nice as well.
http:// is prefixed on any textlink created, that prevents the creation of anchor-links.

Most users will use the browser back-button to go back so this talk about buttons being only one-way confuses me a little. That's how links work. The browser back button works perfect.