Hyperlinks to specific blocks within a module

Jun 17, 2020

I am building a glossary in Rise with a section for each letter of the alphabet. Some definitions have 'related terms'. I'd like to be able to link directly from Term A to the related term. (Btw we're using the Timeline interaction block.)

A button takes you to the top of the section, not the specific block.

I tried copying and pasting the URL from the browser but it a) reloads the course and b) does the same as the above.

Has anyone got a solution? 

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Karl Muller

Hi, as you have already determined, using a button block takes you to the start of the destination Rise Lesson. There is no option to jump to a specific block.

The solution is for Articulate to provide a Glossary function that does not require the use of a Lesson, and also does not require the student to navigate away from their current lesson just to use the glossary.

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