Images in Content Library with Spanish Text

May 11, 2023

Hello all,

I have an image from the content library that is a word cloud of sorts in a silhouette of a human body. It is attached. I am translating a course into Spanish and this image has text in English. 

Does the content library have similar images, but with Spanish text. And if not, are there plans to accommodate in the future.

Thank you!


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Christopher Santos

Hi Lisa,

The assets are actually managed by our partner third-party providers, as stated in this FAQ.  It's probably possible that there are similar images with Spanish texts depending on the keyword you use.

But another alternative if you can't find what you are looking for is to generate one using third-party image generators (e.g., Midjourney, Diffusion Art, etc.).  All you need is to type some text prompts for the kind of images you want, and it will generate them for you.

Here are samples images I was able to generate using Bing Image Creator (note the text prompts I used to make the samples):


From what I know, these generated images are royalty-free and not copyrighted, but you may want to review their terms and conditions to be sure.