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Phil Robinson

My question might have been answered above, a lot to take in. I am using an example from another insightful member of Heroes. It is a block after the assessment that contains additional instructions for the learner. It is titled What to Do Next.

What I want to is remove the "Lesson 2" it is not a lesson. Can this be done? When you click on Settings in the Assessment block there is option for you to select if you want it included in the lesson count. Wouldn't this be easy enough to do for my situation?

Or maybe an option to include a text block within the assessment.



Crystal Horn

Hi Phil!  No worries - I'm happy to clarify.  The navigation at the top and bottom of your lessons will always say "Lesson X - Lesson Name."  You can change the word "Lesson" to something else in the Labels settings.

If you turn off those navigation features, there won't be a prompt after the quiz to move to the next lesson (or section, in your case).  Learners can potentially use the sidebar (if you have it enabled) to click to the next piece of content.

We're tracking a feature request to add another way to navigate from the Quiz Results page, in the meantime!

Donna Westwood

[AUTO REPLY]2018-09-21T19:34:46+00:00 [SUBJECT] Reply to In Rise, can you remove the lesson progression number and the percentage complete labels completely?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Mark! Really appreciate your feedback. It sounds like you aren't using Rise to build lessons, so the "Lesson X - Lesson Name" labels are irrelevant for your project. We always love to hear more about the unique ways folks are using Rise so we can look at how to make enhancements in future updates.

Thanks for casting your vote to remove that label format completely. If we add this functionality to Rise in the future, we'll let you know!

Aisling O'Connell

A fix I found for this was to turn off "Previous and Next buttons" in Settings>Navigation. I then used a button from the "Interactive" menu inside the course which I linked to the next "page / section" of my course. This allowed me to label the button whatever way I wanted.


EDIT: Just realised @Alyssa Gomez suggested this fix already.



Roxy Diolazo
Martika Cox

Hi all,

Good news - we have now added a Continue button after Quiz for courses where the Next/Prev buttons have been turned off.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Would you be able to share with us how to add the Continue button after the Quiz if the Next/Prev buttons are turned off?

Thank you!