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Jun 29, 2018

I have a Rise course that includes several sections using blocks. I'm using button sets to create branching so I have turned off the previous/next buttons. I have a quiz block at the end of the course and want to have a slide after passing the quiz to wrap up the course and thank the participant. The only option I get, whether passing or not, is retake the quiz. Anyone have a workaround?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Susan,

It sounds like you have turned off the Previous/Next buttons and removed the Sidebar from the course, is that right?

I can see how this does create a roadblock for learners, as there's no way for them to move forward after the quiz. Let me get this in front of my team to see how we can help. Thanks for the head's up on this!

Helen Dudley

Hi Alyssa and Susan

I am having the exact same issue.  I've got five attempts on the course assessment and then once they've passed I want a final closing block.  But they can't get passed the assessment.  My navigation is free, side bar initially displayed.  Assessment has five attempts, passing score of 100% and require passing score to continue is on.

Here is my course link:

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the link, Helen!

If I passed the course assessment, I was able to move on to lesson 11. However, if I failed the course assessment 5 times and then ran out of attempts, I wouldn't be able to move forward to lesson 11. 

Course administrators will typically use the "require passing score" feature paired with the "limit quiz attempts" feature to check in with learners who might be struggling with their content.  If you'd like them to be able to move on after a number of attempts, even if they don't pass, you can uncheck the option to require learners to pass.

Matthew Francis

Hi, I just posted a very similar discussion then saw this, is there any capability yet to continue to  the next lesson after successfull completion of a quiz. I also have navigation buttons off and restricted and am using buttons to navigate between lessons. Also is it possible to see dates when posts are published and last replied, 

Susan Epps

I submitted a feature request, nothing yet. As a workaround, I added the prev/next buttons back in so they display to move on to my final slide. It's not ideal as I'm still using my button navigation for branching. Regarding the publish/reply dates on a post, take a peek at the top right of each post and when you hover your mouse over that it gives date/time. 

Che Prince

Hi Folks!

The workaround I used to be able to advance past the quiz when the Previous & Next Buttons navigation has been turned off, was to create/publish the quiz in Storyline, and then add/insert into it into a storyline block in RISE. You then have the ability to add a divider block (continue) and interactive block (button) below.

David Wolfe

Has there been any progress toward including a "continue" feature for a Quiz in Rise?  Since the new toolbar option adding Block functionality to most lesson types was released last week, it's boggling that this feature is not available for a Quiz.  I see Che's workaround, but I'm on a tight timeline and shouldn't have to go through that to make this work.  

I too have a Lesson that comes after a Quiz to wrap up the lesson and thank the participant. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

The new blocks shortcut bar and the grouped lessons put all the lesson types together for ease of access and building out your content. Quizzes remained the same graded experiences that you’re used to (you can add the same kind of knowledge checks as blocks in lessons, but there they’re ungraded). That's why you're not able to add a Continue button immediately after a quiz. Have you disabled all the other navigation options such as the Prev/Next lesson and the sidebar? I'd suggest choosing one of those options to make sure your learners have a way to navigate. 

David Wolfe

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I do have the previous/next feature turned on.  I have disabled the sidebar because I do not want students being able to navigate freely on their own. I want them to move in a linear fashion from top to bottom.  

If I set overall navigation to "restricted" but turn the sidebar on, will they be prevented from taking the lessons out of order?

As for the previous/next feature, I got feedback from multiple testers that there is some intuition lacking to use it.  Often, students must do additional scrolling beyond the screen content to "activate" the previous/next button.  Most of my lessons do use a "Continue" button, and students get used to having that navigation tool.  If that button is suddenly not available in a quiz and they have to scroll to find the "next" button, it can be confusing.

Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

Yup - you got it! Restricted navigation requires that the learner progress through the course in the order you set up. If they tried to click the next button or another new lesson in the sidebar without interacting with all the current lesson components they'll see a 🚫symbol and warning to complete the lesson before moving on. 

When scrolling to the next lesson button, the amount of scroll may also depend on the device or the browser size they're viewing the course on.  You'll notice that when you start a new lesson the previous button is above the visible content so that it's not taking up any screen real estate from your content and the same is true for shorter content with the next button. We've found that most learners see the scrolling similar to other websites and mobile output, that if there is an option to keep scrolling there must be more to see.  It's good to hear another perspective so that our team can keep that in mind as we continue to make improvements and add features to Rise. 

Hope this helps clarify, and if you need anything else let me know!