Continue Button Upon Quiz Completion in Rise

Jan 12, 2019

For some reason, I thought there was a feature where a Continue button would appear at the end of a Rise quiz to let the learner move to the next lesson of the course when the learner achieved a passing score if the next and previous buttons were turned off in the course.  Is this not the case?  I have tested it on preview and after publishing it, and a continue button does not appear if I pass the quiz.  

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Rodger Ling

Please explain why it's necessary to disable all other navigation to put a simple CONTINUE button at the bottom of a quiz that has been completed successfully?  I certainly don't want to give up the advantages of showing a (restricted) sidebar!  Yet when a student completes the quiz, they have absolutely NO prompt telling them to do anything other than retake the quiz.  That is clearly not a good user experience.  Eventually, they will probably guess they need to close the window and return to the rest of the course, but why deliberately provide that uncertainty?  Am I missing something obvious?

Allison LaMotte

Hi Rodger,

By default, if you have the sidebar and prev/next buttons on, there's a "next lesson" button. However, before we added this feature, learners didn't have any way to move forward when the authors had deactivated the sidebar and the prev/next buttons. Now, thanks to the continue button, learners are no longer stuck. 

It sounds like neither of these solutions is exactly what you're looking for. Could you explain to me how you'd like it to work?

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you need to close the window manually, the quiz shouldn't be opening in a separate window. Can you explain what you're seeing here?

Let me know and we'll go from there. :)

Allison LaMotte

Hi Rodger,

I'm not sure I understand. This is what my course looks like when I have a quiz with a lesson afterward.

Are you not seeing that button? Or are you just wanting to change the label from "Next Lesson" to "Continue"? 

Let me know and we'll go from there.

Also, just thought I'd point out that when you respond directly from your email, your signature is appended to the message. You may want to pop in there and edit out any personal information that you don't want to share with the community.

Rodger Ling

Right, I see the same sort of text if I add a lesson after the quiz, so it works.  I was just musing that since my learners have been clicking CONTINUE throughout the previous content (we use the "must complete" continues to ensure they are not just scrolling past), it would be more consistent if there was a CONTINUE button after the quiz as well.  The big red CONTINUE button is more obvious than the "next" message.

But let me amend my musing.  If we had the ability to customize a "congratulations, you've passed the quiz" message when a learner meets our quiz score criteria, that might be an even better place to tell them it's now time to close the window to return to the main LMS screen.

The best solution of all would be a CONTINUE-style button that would close the window for them.  I know there is the "exit course" (very subtle) at top right but that's not where a person would normally look.  I'll add instructions to handle all of this, but I think you'll agree that in an ideal world instructions shouldn't be necessary on the web when there is a linear process--the process should be self-explanatory.

Again, thanks for your patience with my ramblings.

Matt Illman

Afternoon all,

Bouncing off this thread, I have a quiz at the end of a module, I therefore don't get the prompt at the bottom of the screen to head to the next lesson (as there isn't one).

Is there any way of adding a block to a quiz (so i can insert a button)? Or any navigational options other than heading to the previous lesson?

LaTesha Bourne


I've created a Branching course with a Quiz at the end. I've turned off the Side Bar and the Next and Continue Button and do not want the Lesson Number to appear in the Continue Bar when the quiz is not passed. Is there a way to do that so it still displays Continue (although they will be required to pass in order to do so)?

Jared Schaeffer

Hello ,

I am having the same issues as a lot of people here. I want to remove the prev/next buttons because of the Lesson numbers that do not match or make sense for our course. We do want to keep the sidebar as it is extremely helpful for our learners. With this said our learners as of now will need to use the menu to progress after completing a quiz, where they have been using the ease of placed continue buttons at the bottom of each piece of content. This really breaks the flow of the course for a learner and is not intuitive at all unless we teach them how to navigate for the quiz. It would be very beneficial for a continue button that is the exact same as what is in the rest of the content. If there is a feature request for this, please add my name.

My second qualm is if we do remove the sidebar and prev/next buttons as was suggested. Once again the continue button is completely different than what the learners have been using throughout the course i.e. the the course color rounded center aligned button and instead used the prev/next button style that I had removed and the learner has never seen before. This again is not intuitive for the learner and be confusing. Also this style button blends with the look of the quiz and typically needs to be scrolled down to instead of being prominent on the screen. If there is a feature request for this I would like my name added to it as well.

I think both of these issues stated should be fixed as Rise is suppose to be the rapid development tool we go to that creates nice clean, consistent, and responsive courses. Which is broken by these two design flaws in my opinion.