Continue Button Upon Quiz Completion in Rise

Jan 12, 2019

For some reason, I thought there was a feature where a Continue button would appear at the end of a Rise quiz to let the learner move to the next lesson of the course when the learner achieved a passing score if the next and previous buttons were turned off in the course.  Is this not the case?  I have tested it on preview and after publishing it, and a continue button does not appear if I pass the quiz.  

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Matobo Learning


We’ve just moved from one of your competitor authoring tools because we got sick of tiresome workarounds which exist because of poor soft-dev choices.

Please. Rise quizzes need a content block at the end, in which one can add text and/or the usual large CONTINUE lozenge button.



Minerva Rios

Hi! I was able to set the continue after the quiz by selecting "No sidebar" and restricting the order the lessons have to be taken. But even when I want them to take the lessons in a particular order I also would like to provide the option to the employee to go back after the quiz to review the content of a specific lesson. I see that it is possible as some of the examples in other forums has the ability Ex.

Who would be the person to share the settings on how it is done in t his example?


Andrew Carfax-Foster

Seems like such a fundamental failure. Pretty frustrating. 

I was trying to avoid next/previous numbering issue with continue buttons, which Quiz absolutely breaks. I suppose i could disable the menu and have students fly completely blind. 

A toggle switch to turn off the lesson numbering is all that is needed to avoid having to workaround like this. 

Alternatively we might be better off just building in our LMS (canvas) with modules and pages

Andrew Carfax-Foster

Double Alternative is to enable next button, but still add continue button at the bottom of each lesson. 

This way the next button will still be hidden at the bottom of each lesson. Next button will now show up on quizz, so a button is still user facing in generally the same location as continue. 

Unfortunately the next numbering issue still exists and it is a different visual style of button and therefore inconsistent. I suppose you could think of it as the chapter close button style. 

A way to hide the lesson number is now all that is needed. 
A toggle exists for Lesson Count Labels. Another toggle needs to be added under Previous & Next Button settings

Joan York

If it's not too late to chime in, I'd also like to be able to add a Continue bar after a quiz.  The current navigation cue is difficult to see since it's all the way at the bottom.  Also, because I use Continue bars throughout the course, and always at the end of a lesson, it makes navigation more consistent.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi folks! I’m thrilled to announce we’ve added an option to choose a continue button style on the quiz results page. Now, your learners will see the familiar continue button that adopts your course theme color if you select this option in the quiz settings

We’re here if you have questions about how this feature works.

Alyssa Gomez

Yes, you can! Unlike continue blocks in Rise, the text on the quiz results continue button is controlled by the label in the course label set. 

Open the course Settings, click the Labels tab, and scroll down to the Quiz and Knowledge Check section. Change the label on the right side to "CONTINUE" for all caps in that button.

Julie Franke

Hi - you don't need the workaround to restrict navigation any more with the new CONTINUE button for the quiz. But you do need to ensure that you turn on the Previous & Next Buttons in Settings.

This discussion seems to have more info around this issue - so it might help to try and find out what your issue is:


Renee Norton

Hi!  I have a course that has branching in it:

So all users have to go through the first set of lessons, then take a quiz.. then on the Results page, there is a continue button to get to another lesson that basically asks them if they are a manager or not..
if they are, they will go through another few lessons and then another very short quiz, followed by an attestation to complete the course..
if they aren't, then they will select no and just be brought to the attestation..
in order to use the attestation as a means of saying this user passed the course or not, I made it into a quiz question and in export settings, set this "attestion/quiz" as the indicator of passing the course.  However, as people have mentioned, there is no way of customizing the results page to tell them that they can close the course now.. sooo, I added another Continue button here and another lesson that says like "you are done with this course.  You can now close your browser to exit the course". 
That works great.. IF and only IF the user selects YES, they are a manager at the branching section.  If they selected No, and they take that attestation, the continue button on the results page is locked, saying something along the lines of, all sections need to be completed in order.. soooo, now I'm at a loss.. any ideas??

Chino Navarro

Hi LaTesha, good news! We fixed the issue in Rise 360 where the lesson number will appear in the Continue button when navigation is turned off, lesson numbers are turned off and the quiz is set to require a passing score. 

If the problem happens again, please share a Peek 360 screencast with us by clicking here, and we'll be happy to help!