in RISE - Insert storyline block from external Review site?

Is it possible to insert a storyline block published in a review site that is under a different account than the Rise account?

I develop in storyline and have a client who is building their course in Rise. I really rather not provide the story file to the client (for them to publish on their review site) but can't see how to do this. I realize that I could use the embed multimedia feature but it isn't a very satisfactory solution. Is there another way? 

Thanks, Jen

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Karl Muller

Hi Jen,

This should work:

  • Publish your Storyline file to your Review account
  • Create a Rise course with a singe Lesson.
  • Create a Storyline block and import your file from Review.
  • Email your client a copy of the Rise course (Lesson with one block).
  • The client can create a new Block Template from the Storyline block
  • Insert the Storyline block into their Rise course from the Block Template Library.