Incorrect player buttons appear in Storyline block within Rise

Jul 30, 2023

In my Rise course I have a SL block that is acting strangely. When viewed on a tablet, the full screen button for the SL block is appearing even though I didn't select full screen in the player option before publishing to Review. 

My SL block is embedded in a Rise course from the course published to Review.  The player settings established in SL are attached - only play/pause and volume. 

The player shows the play/pause and volume buttons in Review and when viewing the Rise course on a computer. On a phone the volume button disappears - I guess the learner is just supposed to use their phone's volume controls?

I'm aware that SL blocks in Rise do not offer full screen capabilities - which is why I'm confused that the full screen button appears when it was never enabled in Storyline. 

I'm putting together nav instructions based on device and this full screen button is really throwing me.

Does anyone know why it shows up even when it wasn't set to?

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Gren Foronda

Hi Cas!

Sorry to hear that you are seeing this behavior in your Storyline block in Rise 360.

Thanks for sharing your screenshots. I've been able to replicate these issues where the Fullscreen button of a Storyline block appears when the course is viewed on a tablet, as well as the missing volume button when viewed on a phone.

I'll share these with our team, and we'll be investigating these. We'll keep you posted on any updates that can help!