Interaction Suggestion to put in a Rise Course

I have a client that has a Rise course we created for them (which they are happy with). They are asking that we can add one item. How can I create something like what they describe to put into an existing Rise eLearn course? The description is below. 

ASK:  We would like to add the following Interactive Feature -- Readers will click on a date to reveal the information below, which will be accompanied by a pie or other visual element showing the relative weighting of asset types in each mix. To see how the Target Date Investments automatically create and adjust asset allocations, click on the card below that is nearest to your retirement date (see attached table). Also, we like the visual approach that Vanguard shows in their video - Could you possibly create an interactive chart where the person could drag a ‘button’ across the years to illustrate how the asset allocation changes over time? See the video – time segment 0:36 to 0:46. 

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