Is it not possible to allign the text in "image & text"?

Hello all

In Rise I currently use often the "image & text" feature. I would have expected to have an option, that lets me align the text next to the image at least to "top of the image" and "bottom of the image" but there seems to be only the option "middle of the image". As an example, I add a screenshot that shows where I would align the text to the top of the image. 

It is possible to move the text to the top of the image by adding a few spaces below the text. Yet depending on the device to use to solve the learning step, the text appears not aligned.

Do you catch my drift :-)? Maybe I'm overseeing something. Otherwise, would that be an issue to ask for in a "feature request"?

Wish you all a great weekend and best regards

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Roland Straub

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for getting back to me. You're exactly right; I would love, even yearn for some more customization options when adding "image & text". Let me add another example, where - in my opinion - picture and text look rather unnice next to each other.

Would it help if I drop a feature request or are the chances of taking this customization proposal into coniseration better if you hand it in?

Have a nice day and best regards

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roland,

I can see that Alyssa shared this discussion with our team to evaluate as a feature, and you're also welcome to share directly here as a feature request.  We'll track both, and it's all useful information that we apply to determine what features to add and how to prioritize those! 

We'll keep you posted here with any updates on this. 

Sue Ascher


I just added this feature request as well:

Please add alignment options for the placement of text and pictures in blocks. Not having images and text align make it look sloppy and unprofessional - which takes away from the otherwise sleek look that Rise offers!

Hope it helps - it's a basic but important feature!!


Susan de Graaf

I'm a visual designer/graphic working in adapt. As such, i'm a bit of a stickler for alignment of page elements on a grid, particularly down the page. 

The text and image template "sticks out" on both the left and right margins in comparison to the rest of the other reusable elements, which sit nicely along the page. From a visual design and layout perspective this looks sloppy, and from a user experience perspective, it's not ideal as it's better to maintain the eyeline along a single margin, to avoid tracking.

It'd be great if you could adjust this, - it will make so much difference to the end product

Zuzana Urbanek

Oh my, another really old thread and nothing ever has been done about this. I need to chime in here as well. When I use image & text and have no caption, it always looks really wonky and un-aligned. At least allow us get rid of the caption space to help align. In a program like Rise that produces such wonderful content, this seems very backward.