Is Rise down right now?

Jul 23, 2019


I'm trying to login to our Rise account and it just says "Your computer is offline". When I click refresh, it says "Your session has timed out." 

I also briefly go into my dashboard and it says I don't have any courses. I'm concerned that my courses are all gone :(.



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Thorn Farms

When editing a Knowledge Check question, my changes are not being saved. If I try to select a different Knowledge Check ?, it hangs up and I get the attached message.

After choosing "Wait" when it appears several times, I have to eventually choose "Exit Page" or it never reloads. When I go back in to edit,  it has not updated with the changes I have made.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Veronica, thanks for sharing your screenshot of the error message. This looks like a script error in your browser.

Could you please make sure you're using the latest version of one of our supported browsers here?

Next, please clear your browser cache, and try using the Safe Mode or Incognito Mode of your browser to turn off any browser add-ons.

If you still have trouble after trying the above, please submit a support ticket here so our team can take a look!

Becky Wieland

I have followed the instructions to clear my browser’s cache, updated my browser (Chrome), set Incognito mode, tried using Safari, and restarted my computer. Still have problems editing. This seems to be occuring when I am including a .png image in a Knowledge Check question. The editing also doesn’t seem to take when I move that question to the top of the question list, so that it will be the first question when I go into Preview Mode to check it. (I have Randomise Questions turned OFF). When I go into Preview Mode, the 1st question (my "troubled" question) is skipped and the 2nd question is displayed. Any advice on what could be the problem? Getting really frustrated. Thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the update, Sue. 

We investigated this further and found that some folks using Rise 360 are encountering timeouts, and we're looking into what's gone wrong. If you're encountering timeouts, please hold off on any further changes to avoid losing any of your work. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

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