Issue with embedded Hyperlinks and Ampersand '&'

Feb 15, 2021

Heya all, I have a strange issue when using embedded hyperlinks inside paragraph block. If the link address has an ampersand, the ampersand will change to a ∈ symbol making the link invalid.

Please see attached picture. 

I have tired replacing & with & (A suggestion made on another discussion).  

Currently I have a work around using 'Shortlinks'. Basically using a link and then redirecting to the site I want. 


Thanks in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Steven. I tested hyperlinking existing paragraph text as well as just copying in the hyperlink, and the ampersand character remained when I clicked the link to open the page in a new browser tab from the course.

You can try launching your course in another browser to see if your current browser environment is getting in the way. You can also clear your browser cache.

Let me know if either of those steps helps!

Olivia Parkin

A similar problem, we have linked to an external link. For example, we copied the sharable link which was:   What is strange is that when we paste the link onto the button block, it independently changes slightly, adding amp; after the ampersand thus breaking the link and voiding it. See below the link that was pasted into the block... in order to fix this, we are going through and deleting the amp; within the links is so tedious but hopefully it will work!

Gren Foronda

Hi Olivia!

Thanks so much for bringing this up, Erica! I'm noticing the same thing from my side where the URL shows & in place of the &. However, clicking on the button, it correctly takes me to the correct URL (with the &). Can you verify if you are experiencing the same behavior?

We've shared this with our Engineering team, and we'll reach out to you again if we get any updates on this behavior! 

Nafiza Akter

In my case with SCROM exports, I've seen: 

  1. URLs with "&" get rewritten to "&amps" in some places of the URL; for example, I exported two SCORMS and you'll see that only one & (the first one appearing in the URL) had the additional characters added:
    1. ...39266ede-f2f4-41db-b56a-7137f33df5a4?hidenavbar=true&CourseNumber=227&tenantId=7a916015-20ae-4ad1-9170-eefd915e9272
    2. ...39266ede-f2f4-41db-b56a-7137f33df5a4?hidenavbar=true&CourseNumber=227&tenantId=7a916015-20ae-4ad1-9170-eefd915e9272
  2. The link with the &amp sometimes work, but most of the time do not work for most of our internally hosted materials (Edge Browser)