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Jun 27, 2018

Is there a way to either add a button after a quiz or delete the lesson number on the navigation at the bottom of the screen? I need to be able to track the quiz grades with my LMS. The lesson number at the bottom of the screen does not make sense with my course setup and really just makes things more confusing. Instead, I removed the navigation at the bottom of the screen and have been creating buttons at the end of each page that navigates to the next section (which has been working great!). My problem is that when I reach the quiz, I can't add a button and there is no way to move on without using the sidebar (which I would rather not use for main navigation). Any fixes to this issue or suggestions for a workaround setup? Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jill and Brian!

It sounds like you both have a similar navigation setup -- you have No Sidebar, and the Previous & Next buttons set to Off, is that right?

I can see how this does create a roadblock for learners, as there's no way for them to move forward after the quiz. Let me get this in front of my team to see how we can help. Thanks for the head's up on this!

Diana Eydlish

Ok, so it's not entirely desirable but the below does work. 

Create a single new blocks lesson then create a multiple choice knowledge check for each question. Then, inbetween each question, insert a continue divider block. Edit the continue devider's settings to 'Complete block directly above'. Voila!

This way, you can have all of your questions in one lesson and you effectively prevent the learner from progressing without at least attempting the question. Hey, not ideal but just make sure you add rich feedback :) 

Hope this has helped someone!

Diana Eydlish

Hi Brian, 

You're right, I misspoke, the learner does NOT need to get the answer correct. I've edited my response above to reflect what truly happens. 

I'm sorry but this obviously wouldn't work in your case. The only thing I could suggest would be if you truly wanted to track the quiz at the end in an LMS, you'll probably need to stick with the next and previous buttons. Another suggestion might be to seperate the 'content' from the 'assessment'. That's to say that you build a Rise course for your content and then once the learner has completed that, it unlocks the next Rise course in your LMS which is the Assessment piece? 

I hope this has helped you to brainstorm some workarounds until this is looked at by Articulate.

Diana Eydlish

Hi S Rice, 

I'm currently using this functionality so I can confirm it does work. Let's try and get you up and running with it. 

I've attached a screenshot of the settings. Ensure you have them set to the same as I have them. 

Also, I've found that it won't display the 'Continue' button if you have no content after it. What I personally have is a 'Summary' page. 

Give this a crack. If it doesn't work, I'd suggest reaching out to Articulate Support as this all works for me. 

Good luck!

EPD Seattle


Thanks for the help! I see now that you must have the sidebar set to "no sidebar" in addition to the Previous & Next buttons being turned off in order for the Continue bar to appear. The continue bar does not show up if the sidebar is set to "closed" or "open". Unfortunately this will not work for us as we prefer to have the sidebar menu available.

Articulate, please change this so the Continue bar appears when the Previous & Next is turned off, not matter what the sidebar is set to. It is very confusing for users to all of a sudden switch to using the sidebar for navigation when they have been using "continue" bars for the entire course up until the end of the quiz.


Jaqueline Schulz

Hi there,

I am just wondering, if there has been a feature request logged or any updates on this? I started creating Rise courses and do have the exact same issue as EPD Seattle.

We would like to use only manual navigation buttons (works fine) and showing the navigation for additional overview and navigation backwards (works fine). But when including a quiz, there is no continue-button on the results page and you cannot add one. You have to click into the left navigation.

We were even thinking of changing one of the labels on the results page to tell the students "hey, now exceptionally you have to click left to go on." but that's not working.

Jaqueline Schulz

Hello Alyssa,

thanks for your reply.

The quiz ist not our final part in the lesson, there is more afterwards and the user has the possibility to click on the left navigation to go on forward. But as the navigation in the rest of the course is via manual continue-buttons, this is a bit odd for the user and there is no way to tell him either.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for clarifying, Jaqueline. If you have both the previous/next navigation and the sidebar turned off, there will be a continue button that appears on your quiz results page. If you still have the sidebar enabled, your learners will need to use that menu to navigate to the next lesson. Some authors have given instruction about this in the quiz description before the first question.

Let us know how that works for you!

Jaqueline Schulz

Thanks, Crystal, I read about this continue button, but that's just not our case (as I said it is just exactly what EPD Seattle stated). It still seems not a good solution for me to change the way of navigation for the user.

So getting back to my question, this is not going to change in the future?

We probably go back to the grey next-lesson-buttons, which are easy overlooked if you haven't scrolled up to the end of the page (and even then), so therefore we wanted to use the coloured continue buttons and enter our own text.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Jacqueline!

If you are using Continue buttons at the end of each lesson, those Continue buttons will still work even if you turn the previous/next buttons back on. 

This might be a good solution because your learners will still use the Continue buttons to navigate to each lesson, but they'll also see a grey next button after the quiz. 

Would that be an option for you?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nicole!

Do you have the previous/next buttons turned on in the course settings? If so, the learner will see a next button at the bottom of the quiz results slide that will lead them to the next lesson.

If the previous/next buttons are turned off, then the learner will need to use the sidebar to navigate to the next lesson after the quiz. 

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