Knowledge Check Fill In The Blank

Jun 15, 2021

Can i set the fill in the blank answers to always be correct? In other words, it's really just a reflective question. All answers are correct. ???

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Crystal Horn

Hi Deborah. You're right; Storyline 360 requires a Windows system to operate. We'll add you to our feature request to have a text entry interaction for learner reflection.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the note-taking apps and see if one will work to embed in your course using the embed block. We did something similar with Padlet in this discussion. I hope that helps spark some workaround ideas!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Deborah, as Crystal shared in her previous comment, there isn't an open-ended question block and we're tracking requests for that feature.

For now, you can use something like Google Forms and put this form in an embed block  (Multimedia > Embed) so that your users can send in answers without it being graded. Hope that helps!