Kudos to the Articulate Team

Dec 21, 2017

As we get tied up in driving rise features and sharing mixed asks, wanted to point out two great elements of customer service. I haven't seen a known bug go without fixing in record timing. I did have a file corrupt and it was fixed within a few short hours. 

In addition, members of the articulate team provided over-and-above support on a project that touches thousands of Canadians. It's always good to remind yourself what other software is out there and really take a look at how good things are and will continue to be. As learning professionals, it's time to embrace Rise and rid ourselves of terrible elearning experiences.

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Chet Hertz

Couldn't agree more.  Adam and Articulate Staff, you have built and are steadily improving a really difference-making authoring toolkit. I am very glad to have found it when I did. 

Rise enables me to deliver the information that my modest but demanding audience requires in an elegant, intuitive, highly functional user experience.  It also enables me to satisfy my very demanding management through near-realtime update capability and unrivaled speed-to-results. 

Your vision and execution in making Rise have been excellent.  I hope your instincts in evolving it continue that level of thoughtfulness and quality.  I also greatly appreciate the responsiveness of Articulate staff and experts here in the discussion community.  Here's to a great 2018. 

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