Labeled Graphic Popups Partially Off Screen

Jul 23, 2020


We're having an issue coming up with about half of our clients lately. When they attempt to open up a popup on a labeled graphic, especially on a tablet device and especially if the popup marker is toward the center of the base image, the popup will be partially cut off by the left or right side of the screen so that only some of the popup content is visible.

Can y'all fix this? Obvious solution seems to be to allow the popup box to flag up or down instead of only left or right, if you can't make the popups' dimensions be dynamic.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Curtis. That shouldn't be happening. Would you be able to share some details with us by clicking here? Here's what would be helpful to start:

  • Which devices or browsers are affected
  • A screenshot of what folks are seeing
  • A link to your content for testing

We'll keep everything confidential and get back to you with next steps!

Lärbyrån Digicy

Had the same issue. Found that it was only happening when the menu was open. Was it the same in this case?

Also made some additional testing around how the popup is positioned. Here's our testing: