Labeled graphic Usability

Jan 04, 2023

In my Rise 360 course, I have a few lessons using labeled graphic blocks. A consistent comment during review is, "after I click through each arrow, it loops back to the beginning, and I don't realize it started over".

So, people do not realize they can move on for a few possible reasons:

  • The Continue button is out of view
  • They do not see that Continue is enabled because they are paying attention to the graphic
  • They do not realize that they are reading something they already read
  • They are confused because they are reading something they already read


Has anyone else noticed this with your learners and reviewers?

I've thought about numbering the markers instead of arrows. You're only limited to 9 numbers (10 if you're brave enough to use the zero), but 9 is already pretty busy, so maybe that's a nice limit.

It would be better if Rise let the learner know they looked at all the cards in a way that still lets them look at the cards again if they want to. Is that on the roadmap?

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Kelly Auner

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out!

We appreciate your feedback and love hearing from our customers! Although this feature isn't currently on the roadmap, we are tracking a request for additional formatting options for labeled graphics. I've linked this discussion so we'll be sure to update you on our progress. If you need any assistance in the meantime, please let us know!