Sorting Card Activity Not Showing all Text

Apr 27, 2023

In a Rise course, we have a sorting card activity. When we are on mobile and have the device in portrait, some of the text is missing from the cards to be sorted. We have to turn the device landscape to see all of the text that is on the card. This brings up two issues:

  1. A learner will not necessarily know that they need to turn their device landscape because they may not realize text is missing.
  2. If the device is landscape, the learner cannot complete the activity because the full activity (the pile of cards and sorting piles) do not all fit on the screen.

Is there either something I can do to fix this or, is this something Articulate could address by having the text automatically downsize to fit on the card?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Amanda! I'm sorry to hear you are encountering this issue in Rise when viewing the course in portrait mode using a mobile device.

We were able to replicate this issue from our end. A report has been submitted to our engineering team for further investigation. I will keep you posted for any updates or if we find a valid workaround for this issue.

Thanks so much again for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.

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