Labelled Graphics and Wayward Navigation Arrows

May 05, 2020


During review on a Rise course in which we used a labelled graphic, we received feedback that the navigation arrows in the bubble went the opposite direction intended. Example: By selecting the next arrow (>), the previous bubble appeared and vice versa. Anyone else having this issue or know how we can turn these off? We provide the direction to select each (+) to reveal the name and definition. If someone chooses to use the arrows, it could be a distraction.


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Karl Muller

Hi Dennis,

I just checked one of my labelled graphics and it's working correctly.

No, you cannot turn the arrows off.

A while back I had a labelled graphic that had an odd behavior as it appeared to jump to the wrong card when the arrows were used.

I found that the order of the marker Items in the list did not match the order in which the items appeared on the graphic.

Once I changed the order of the markers, everything worked correctly.

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