Launching Rise Site with Collapsed Menu

Jan 09, 2023

Hi community!

I want to launch a Rise course with the menu showing, but the contents within it collapsed so that just the main lesson titles are showing. I'm actually using Rise for a repository of articles and videos where the "Lesson" is the topic (e.g., Coaching) and when users click on the drop down menu, they will see the articles and videos as sublevel contents. I've attached pictures of how the menu looks today (expanded) and how I would like it to look (collapsed). My IT contact is thinking that perhaps the Java Script in the export zip file can be altered.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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Opfor Articulate

We too are very interested in this! We created a Rise course with about 120 lessons, which is of course overwhelming. Learners are not supposed to go through all these lessons: they just have to open their 'own' section. It would be much better if all these sections are closed when starting the course, so learners can simply click on their own section without being blown away by the total amount of lessons.

Gren Foronda

Hi there!

Thanks for your suggestion to allow Rise courses to launch with the Sections collapsed in the Menu.

I can see how this feature can help users/learners in the scenarios that you have shared, and I will forward this to the team. We are tracking requests for this feature and will add you both to the list. We'll update this thread for any updates that can help!