Leaving alt tag field blank?

Nov 28, 2023


A coworker brought this article to my attention: https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-How-to-Add-Alternative-Text-to-Images

It seems to imply that we can leave the alt tag field blank, and that a screen reader would then overlook the image. Is that true? Does Rise somehow enter "" (the syntax for decorative images) if we leave that field empty? It would be a great time-saving if it were true. 

My experience shows that if the field is empty, a screen reader will read aloud the actual file name of the image. Has something changed? Do I need to test again?

Please advise.

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Chino Navarro

Hi Jennifer,

I am sorry to hear that you are getting inconsistent behaviour with Firefox. Are your device and Firefox browser fully updated?

Here is an article on how to update Firefox: Update Firefox to the latest release

If they are both fully updated, and the screen reader is still reading the images, feel free to open a case here: Submit a Support Case

Our support engineers would love to take a closer look.