"Left align" sometimes does not work.

Feb 12, 2018

There are two instances I have noticed that choosing the "Left align" option does not work when previewing the course.

Instance 1 - On the 3rd and 4th flashcards of a flashcard grid, I cannot left align the text. It can only be centered, right-aligned, or justified. (The first two flashcards work fine.) Also the font seems to get bigger (even if they are the same as the first two flashcards).

Instance 2 - Question feedback of knowledge checks. I frequently use knowledge checks in my blocks lessons, and the left-align option in the feedback area does not work (only centered, right, and justified). 

Side note - only a certain amount of feedback is allowed when viewing in the mobile phone preview setting, so I continuously have to trim the feedback.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rebecca.  Thanks for providing your examples!  We are working on both of these areas that are exhibiting the left alignment issues.  I'll be sure to update you here with any news of a fix!

Tell me a little more about feeling limited in the amount of feedback you can view in mobile preview.  I created a mock-up, and I was able to scroll through a lengthy bit of feedback in a knowledge check block during mobile phone preview. 

If you give me some detail about the feedback you're including, I'll try to reproduce that behavior on my end.

Crystal Horn

Hey, Michael.  Thanks for checking in.  We're still investigating this issue currently.

We found that if you have at least 3 flashcards, the text aligns to the left properly.  Are you working with 2 or less, by any chance? 

We want it to function no matter the number, but I'd like to get your experience to make sure that condition applied to everyone.  Thanks!

Michael Guaglione

In this case I am working with two flash cards and I was able to get it working... by mistake. I have no idea what I did, but there is some really weird interactions.

Sometimes character count, character size, bolding the text, or the amount of lines has magically right aligned the text.

I attached a strange example (for testing purposes) - where I have 4 lines (the fourth line is a hard return) on each card. Both are set to right align and yet... This is the result.

If I add one more character to the first flash card it will right align.

If I remove one character from the second card all of the text will center.

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Jacqueline! Thanks for checking in on the alignment issue. I don't have an update as of yet – you're in the right place, as we'll post all updates here once we have them ☺️

Additionally, thanks for sharing that extra detail – that is really strange! Do you notice any trends on the cards that align correctly? l'll be standing by! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone! 

As Katie mentioned above, we want to be sure to keep you updated!

You'll be happy to know that we have an update to Rise today:

Enhanced: Text in flashcard blocks can now be left-aligned.

In fact, there are now five alignment options for text throughout Rise: left, center, right, justify, and a new option to return to the default alignment for the selected text. Learn more.

There's nothing to install. New features and fixes are immediately available, though you might need to export a Rise course again to update existing published output with a new feature or bug fix. 

All the details on our Rise updates can be found here.

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