Line and paragraph spacing in Rise

Apr 20, 2020

Hello, we are using Rise 360 to develop an eRead and having a difficult time adjusting the spacing on each page. I'd like to adjust the spacing withing paragraphs and between paragraphs. Please see attached. This program is over 100 pages long and it becomes a challenge to read this way. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!

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Karl Muller

Without knowing what block types were used to create your example it is difficult to make useful comments.

In general, Rise does not offer any control over line spacing, e.g. 1, 1.5, or 2.

You can have control of spacing between blocks by adjusting the padding above and below the block.

Within a text block, you can use ENTER to create a new paragraph or SHIFT+ENTER. The latter will create less space between paragraphs.

Dominique Perret

Good morning Lori, I was wondering if you found a technical solution for your question above, concerning line spacing within paragraphs in Rise360...? I have exactly the same issue and could not find anything until now. I was told it might be controlled with some coding, but this doesn't help much in my case. Thank you in advance and all the best.

Angelo Jordan

I have discovered the only way to control paragraph and line spacing (and I totally agree the spacing is WAY TOO MUCH) is to publish it to your own site, then edit the HTML code for line and paragraph spacing. (Not a good solution) 

If you see yourself using RISE a lot, then maybe check out some YouTube on hacking HTML.

Another way I found to "sorta" get around the issue, is to build it in Storyline then use the Storyline block. Issue with that option is getting things to look consistent across the blocks. 

Snorre Rubin

The problem with the shift+enter approach is that it will be part of the same paragraph (programming-wise), and thus have the same formatting as the previous line. 

To control spacing between paragraps with different formatting or orientation, you can use multiple text blocks. 

Another option is to do as Angelo suggests, and hack it. The best way to do this is probably to open main.bundle.css in your exported product, and edit the .block-text class padding attribute to a size you want. 

"Simply" open the file in a text-editor, search for ".block-text" and edit .block-text{padding:3rem 0;transition:padding .5s;font-size:1.7rem} to, eg .block-text{padding:1.5rem 0;transition:padding .5s;font-size:1.7rem}.

Colin Buck

As a late starter to using Rise 360, I have found this to a big bug in the app. Cut and paste from my documents is resulting in mixed line spacing in the Rise. The app allows for so many other adjustments, Font, colour etc, why not paragraphing to some extent? It's the small things that annoy and influence some!