Link to an element on the same page (Rise)

Jan 04, 2021

Back in the good old days, when we created plain html, we could link to an element on the same page, thus we could create an index of the topics on top of the page.
This is especially usefull when content is used as a reference guide.
In Rise however this is not possible, we can only create text links to an external url.
Does anybody knows a workaround to create such an anchor element in Rise?

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Paul Tottle

I have a project needing this, this week. Seems like such an easy request but I can't deliver on it. A unique ID for each block would do it. There is a class identifier for each block but we can't refer to it with an html link...
<div class="block block--mounted" data-block-id="clvk59w3e01ii35788lw4017y">