link to storyline olt from RISE?

Hi there,

I am just starting to use RISE and trying to decide if we can use this for a New Hire Training program that I am developing. I would like to use RISE as a sort of digital checklist. My main question is: Are you able to link from RISE to a Storyline OLT? Many of the items that my New Hires would need to complete are Storyline modules, so that is a must. If not, does Articulate 360 have any other programs that may work for this? 

Thanks for your help! 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amber, 

Sounds like a cool way to get your new folks up to speed - and they could take the training with them anywhere on their mobile devices! 

You can hyperlink to a Storyline course as you've hosted on a web server or LMS and allow it to open in a new tab/window, or you could embed it directly into Rise using either of the ideas mentioned in this other forum discussion.

I also really love this article on how the pros use Storyline vs. Rise, for different and unique e-learning situations. Hope that helps you as you look at what parts of the course to build where!