Link to uploaded file works even after deleting the file - is this a feature or bug?

Jul 17, 2018


My team accidentally discovered that if we insert a PDF attachment in a Rise module, click on it to open it in the browser, use that url to add links to the attachment elsewhere in the course and then delete the original attachment, the link still works. This only works for PDF files.

This 'hidden feature' can very useful to us but I wanted to make sure that it is a 'feature' and not a 'bug' that will be 'corrected'.

We are using this 'hidden feature' to create a library of our content.  For a library, having so many attachments one under the other is not visually a pretty sight. So, we would like to create a pretty layout with text that serve as links to files vs using attachments. Here is a screenshot for reference:

Using link of an attachment but delete the attachment block

Can someone from Articulate please confirm that this 'hidden feature' will not be corrected or removed? Or if this is a known feature then what do we need to make sure, to be able to use the links even when the attachment (block) is deleted from the course?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

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