More Easily Updating File Attachments

Hi, I need a solution to an issue that I am having. 

We created a FAQ "Course" in Rise for my organization. One of the sections uses the Multimedia: Attachment block, which has PDF files uploaded to it. We then took the direct link to those files and created links in other sections of the courses to link directly to the file without having to go to the section with the attachment blocks. One of the reasons we are doing this is because we are using the accordion block for all the FAQ questions and there was no way to upload a file right there in the question.

The problem is that when we need to replace one of the PDF documents, even if we use the same block (edit>change), and use the same file name, it changes the link to the document, breaking all the links throughout the course. This makes maintaining the course very high-maintenance when we update those documents. 

I need a way to swap out those documents in the blocks without the link changing. Or another way to link to them that won't change when I replace the file. I have considered putting the whole thing in SharePoint but I honestly cannot figure out how to do that either.

Any assistance would be extremely appreciated. 


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Karl Muller

The only way to achieve what you want is to host your PDF files somewhere outside of your Rise course.

That is what we do and instead of embedded PDFs we use links to our documents that reside on an external facing server.

If a PDF changes we drop a new version on the server and we don't have to change the link in RIse.

Karl Muller

We also publish our Rise courses to a LMS.

However we do not embed any PDF files in the published Rise courses. Instead we host all PDFs on our company web site in a hidden folder. In our Rise courses we use links to these PDF files that reside outside of the Rise course.

The links to these PDFs never change, so if a PDF changes we simply drop a new version of the file on the external facing company server and we don't ever have to change any of the links in RIse.

Mila Szydelko

Hi Stephanie, 

Not sure if you still need it, but here is how I do this:

1. I upload the files to google drive, then

2. I create an "Embed Item" link (iframe)

3. I paste the 'iframe' link into rise360 (Embed feature)

If I need to change the file, I replace it in google drive, and my training is updated automatically.