Linking an URL containing an excel file

Sep 07, 2022

Hello All - I linked a few excel documents to my Rise 360 course. But I am unable to view/download the document in Rise 360 preview/Review 360/LMS. I get an error. (SS of error attached). 

The URL I am attaching is a dynamic link i.e...,  the documents uploaded there are subject to periodic updates and when learners click that link, they are directed to the most recent/updated version of the document. I tried adding this URL to storyline and tried as an interactive SL block, and I got 503 error there as well. 

Thanks in advance.

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Mark! I see that my colleague Wilbert already replied to your query.

Have you checked with your Sharepoint Admin already if the links you are using have the necessary permissions for accessing and downloading files from your Sharepoint server?

Feel free to reply to Wilbert or post a comment in this thread if you have any further questions regarding this.