Linking within a Rise course

May 30, 2018

Is there a way to link within a Rise course from one section to another? I'm trying to build a performance support document that can be used offline, so I only want to hyperlink between sections within the course. 

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Bridget Gruner

I saw this example of a hyperlink within a in the recent Production Tips for Working in Rise with Elizabeth Pawlicki. 

In this webinar, the LearnX Rise course example, there is a Virtual Conference Lobby marker with a hyperlink to the Morning Concurrent Sessions. 

Can anyone explain how this is done? This would be a fantastic feature. 

LEARNX internal hyperlink example


Andy Barr

I see this topic was addressed in 2018. Has there been any changes in allowing a learner to navigate to different areas of a course within a course ( an internal course hyperlink)? 

Or, if anyone has way a learner can be auto-directed back - from a quiz question- back to previous area within the course to reference?

Chris Pim

How was this done...?

It looks like the link is on the word and therefore no different to putting the link on text anywhere - I suspect it is not to do with being a labelled graphic...I know this does not normally work as all you get is a hardcoded link to the chapter which once published is not a relative link?

Seems you can only normally do this on a button?

So how was it done?


Erik Jagger

This thread is 5 years old. Am I correct that it is still not possible to:

  1. Add a link within the body of a lesson to another section of the the course except by adding a button block?
  2. A button link can only go to the start of a lesson and not to specific content within a lesson?

C'mon folks! This a v1 function of HTML. It's the core of what the web is all about. Why is it so hard to add it to Rise?

Karl Muller

Button Block: Navigate to Another Lesson

Simply choose the title of the lesson from the Destination drop-down list. Clicking this button will smoothly take learners to the destination lesson on the same screen as if it were in-line content.