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Aug 07, 2018

I am export courses from Rise to an LMS using Scorm 1.2.  Firstly, Im both a mac and a PC.  Neither course appear to have the IMS Manifest file.  I have tried to load this on my LMS and Scormcloud.  Other course I have created in rise appear to work.  Any ideas?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul! Thanks for your patience. It looks like this file was exported for Web, not LMS, even though I saw you exported for LMS in your video.

If you ever exported for Web in the past, it could be that Rise retained that export data and incorrectly gave you a Web output file instead of a LMS output file. We've since fixed that bug, so it shouldn't continue happening.

Try this: Open the Rise course, and click Export. Under Export Type, choose Web, then immediately switch to LMS. Then click Export in the upper-right corner. Finally, send me the output file. 

Here's hoping it works this time!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul, 

Definitely strange - but I'm glad a duplicate worked! I know our team was looking into an issue where no imsmanifest.xml is created when Rise is exported to LMS. I'll let them know you're back up and running, but if they figure out anything on your initial course we'll let you know! 

Justine Bennett

Hi there

We are exporting multiple Rise courses that we have created into our LMS (Go1).  Most exported successfully, but a few give us an error message (see attachment). Please can you suggest why this has only happened on a couple of files, and how to fix it?!!!

Many thanks.



Karl Muller

Hi Justine,

Based on similar questions regarding this topic, the most common causes are related to file attachments and embedded file names.

  • Shorten long file names
  • Remove special characters including spaces from file names.
  • The SCORM file may exceed the overall size limit for SCORM uploads.
Christopher Santos

Hello Justine,

Thank you for contacting us. We suggest that you also test the two courses in SCORM Cloud to determine if the issue you are experiencing is LMS-specific. You can refer to this article for the exact steps to follow. If you do not encounter the issue in SCORM Cloud, please get in touch with your LMS support so they can investigate further.

Please feel free to open a case with us if the issue persists in SCORM Cloud or if your LMS support has any questions. We are always here to assist you.