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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul! Thanks for your patience. It looks like this file was exported for Web, not LMS, even though I saw you exported for LMS in your video.

If you ever exported for Web in the past, it could be that Rise retained that export data and incorrectly gave you a Web output file instead of a LMS output file. We've since fixed that bug, so it shouldn't continue happening.

Try this: Open the Rise course, and click Export. Under Export Type, choose Web, then immediately switch to LMS. Then click Export in the upper-right corner. Finally, send me the output file. 

Here's hoping it works this time!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul, 

Definitely strange - but I'm glad a duplicate worked! I know our team was looking into an issue where no imsmanifest.xml is created when Rise is exported to LMS. I'll let them know you're back up and running, but if they figure out anything on your initial course we'll let you know!