LMS not recognizing courese completion

Dec 19, 2018

When someone completes a course built in RISE the RISE panel shows they have completed it but the LMS is not processing they've completed it until they close out of the application.

Our LMS vendor says we should build a "Close" button into the course content that will notify the LMS they are done. Is there such a thing in RISE?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Rick,

Did you watch the entire video? The second half of the video shows you another way to do it, with a button. Start watching at 52 seconds to see the second method. :)

Note that for the first method, you won't see it in Preview mode you'll only see it when you export for LMS.

Let me know if you're still having issues.

Rick Sell

Ok, call me a big dope, but watching the vid with a developer's hat on, not an LMS hat, I missed that the button does not display until the course is uploaded to an LMS...

Which we did and it works! Ye haw! Now to figure out how to get the Exit Course block button to follow the Pre-Assessment so the learned can get credit for passing that and not have to go into the course.

Andreea Dumitruc


Just jumping in on Rick's query there as I am encountering the same issue with Articulate Rise content exported as Tincan package. We use LearnUpon as our LMS.

The issue that I am facing is that we have a mandated course with 8 different sections and a number of content block associated with each section. Due to its nature, the progress through the course is restricted, the users need to go through the sections in order and they can only pass is they have interacted with 100% of the content in that block/section.

The issue is that if an user interrupts progress and leaves the course, when they access it again they are brought to the correct section where they left off, but all the progress from previous secctions is not registered (it goes back to 0%). So then they are stuck in the course because they cannot move forward without going through everything all over again.

This seems to be happening only with Tincan (with our without the Exit button). I tested with a SCORM and apparently everything works properly and progress is saved. It seems it's just Tincan. 

How could I fix this?


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