LMS Pointing to Incorrect Course

Oct 11, 2017


Came across a strange issues in our LMS (SuccessFactors) that has me trying to rule out items that might be the cause.

Situation: When multiple Rise published courses (SCORM 1.2) are loaded to the LMS, the incorrect course will be launched.  I loaded a Rise course in April (Course A) and it was fine, then 2 Rise courses (Course B and Course C) were loaded end of Sept.   When Course A was launched after B and C were loaded, it loaded Course B erroneously.  

When I went back to my learning history in LMS, and relaunched content for Course A from that completion, it launched Course C.


So, the LMS team is looking into to system and if there is an issue there.  I have only published these 3 course from Rise, and the fact that the error launches other Rise courses lends me to believe there might be an issue with the way the SCORM is created...unique identifiers, imsmanifest data, etc.

Any thoughts?  

Thanks for the help.

~Law Blank

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Jim Surrency

Law, my company is a SAP SuccessFactors client as well ... for your courses added when you check the Content Objects created by the import / associated with your Course Items are they pointing to the same path?  I agree sounds like the SCORM package may not be generating a unique identifier.  Prior to import you can manually change in the manifest files if this is the case.

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