low-friction path from Moodle into/out of Rise Scorm

Jun 01, 2020


We are recreating an existing Moodle course which uses Rise Scorm units. Unfortunately, transitioning in and out of Moodle is just plain awkward and ugly and not inviting at all to the user. After building nice Rise units it feels like we're using an MS-DOS gateway to get back and forth.

Quite happy using Moodle to manage/track/score users. The course is too big to run as one Scorm package.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Karl Muller

Hi Noah,

We completely dropped Moodle a few years back.

We now use a different LMS and only use Rise to create our courses.

Converting our courses from Moodle to Rise was an extremely long and painful process. There are no shortcuts or a low-friction path.

So I feel for you, and don't have any suggestions or recommendations to make things any easier for you.

Karl Muller

Hi Noah,

Our LMS is designed for large educational institutions, so not the typical LMS used by businesses. 

It is called TopClass and offers online courses, classroom courses, blended courses, forums, etc. 

It runs our Rise SCORM courses very well, and it is also integrated with our other business systems. This is the primary reason why we chose this particular LMS over others.

We are a certification organization, and use our Rise courses to prep students for their formal certification exam that is handled outside of the LMS. We use just a small part of the functionality of the LMS.

Not sure what you mean by "usable path into Scorm".

Noah Davis

Hi Karl,
Thanks so much for the info. I think that at this point we'll continue
building out a number of brief Rise units while starting to look for an
alternate LMS. We are likely to run a few simple courses for large numbers
of students, so we may not need much of TopClass' broad functionality.
As for the smooth pathway, I was attempting to explain that while the
Moodle structure can handle what we are doing, it's very awkward to step
into and out of the Scorm packages from Moodle. It feels like going back to
MS-DOS for a screen or two, which breaks the spell of a polished course.
Not that the Moodle end is very polished, but we just can't live with it as
we invite more people into the courses.
Once again thanks for your answers.
Noah Davis

Karl Muller

Hi Noah,

I totally get what your are saying about the pathway. When we got the "vanilla" configuration for our LMS, it required many clicks and some quite odd navigation for students to finally get to the point where they could launch a SCORM course. As the LMS is intended for educational institutions, there were many layers of program structure that learners had to find their way through. 

Fortunately the vendor could customize and streamline things a lot. Now when students login, the first thing they see is a dashboard with their list of assigned courses. They can see if a course is "in progress" or "not started".

Courses are launched from the dashboard and when courses are completed students also return to the same dashboard.

Courses that are completed are moved to a different tab, so the list of assigned courses is always clean and relevant.

It's easy for students to see what they still need to do and to also launch those courses.

So it's a huge improvement.

I would recommend drawing up a list of features and functions that you require from the LMS and use that in your search.

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