Multiple quizzes in RISE and Moodle

Jan 03, 2019

Can anybody help me understand how I can track a "complex"  RISE course with Moodle? I have a RISE course with multiple blocks, knowledge checks and three quizzes. I already know how to track user completion and a single quiz result by using scorm with RISE/Moodle, but I can't figure out best practice for handling courses that are larger in scope and need several elements reported/tracked? How do you design complex RISE courses when you need to integrate with an LMS? Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Luiza! It sounds like your Rise 360 course contains more than one quiz, is that right?

While only one quiz can be used for tracking, the Rise 360 course sends all quiz data to your LMS. Whether or not you have access to that data depends on your LMS provider. You can read more about the quiz data Rise 360 sends to your LMS here: Quiz Data Sent to an LMS