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Feb 17, 2020

I am just getting started with Rise and have a question. The sample course (Employee Health & Wellness) in my account goes all the way edge to edge in my desktop browser window. I have another course that was built in Rise that I want to deploy to our LMS (LearnDash). I am exporting it as LMS (xAPI) format. However, when I view it in LearnDash, the course is all limited to the middle of the screen with very wide empty margins on the sides. Is this because I have exported it as LMS vs. exporting it for the web or how do I make this version fill the whole scrreen?

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Mastery Network

In order to import your Rise course into Learndash, you should choose the LMS option and then either SCORM or xAPI (I recommend xAPI), so you did that correctly.

I personally use the Tin Canny Reporting plug in to import my Rise courses into LearnDash, and if I do it that way I get to choose how I want the course to launch.

I choose for it to launch in a separate tab, but you can also choose a lightbox or the same window, etc. There are settings in there for how to get the lightbox to work (make it bigger or smaller), but I personally could never get it to do full screen). 

So the answer depends on how you're importing the xAPI file into LearnDash. Whatever plugin you're using should support screen output options, but I'm not familiar with all of them.

Whitney Lowe

Thanks Alina as this is very helpful! I am using Tin Canny for loading these modules, so it sounds like am doing just the same as what you are. Did you say that you were never able to get it to go full screen, or were you able to get that by launching it in a new tab? 

Someone on the LearnDash Facebook group said it might be related to CSS on the course site, but I have not idea how to adjust that and would need to probably talk to our developer about that. Any other strategy you have found for getting it to go full screen? I notice that courses natively built in the LearnDash tool itself go full screen, so there has to be a way to do this. 

Mastery Network

Oh good! Yes, what I meant was using the same or new window was the only way I could get it to go full screen. I could never figure out the lightbox. Glad you got it to work!

Another thing - you should test to see if it saves the user's progress in the Rise course as you exit and go back in. I had to change my modsecurity settings in order for that feature to work, and I didn't even know that feature existed until I e-mailed their customer support.

So for example if you have 3 separate lessons/sections within your Rise course, and the student only completes 1 of the 3 and exists out, it should remember that they already completed #1 and start them from that point rather than from the very beginning. Mine at first kept starting them over from the very start every time.

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