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Oct 17, 2019

The ability to work on a course with a colleague is a helpful feature of the teams subscription; however, the Course manager role in Rise is too limited.  

It would be ideal if the the Course manager role had permissions to access the Labels tab within settings.  Not having the ability to change the label language and make edits/changes to the label translations within Rise is a limitation of the permission settings. 

As well, when sending a course to 360 Review as a Course manager, I do not have the ability to re-publish a new version of an existing item - this is also a limitation and makes it difficult to work across time and space with another colleague. 

I have read this post and I understand teh value of the settings - it would help greatly if they could be enhanced with the suggestions above.


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Karl Muller

Something we discovered when changing the Course Owner for several courses, is that the custom label set created for a course did not get transferred as well, as the label set was reset to the default set.

The conclusion we arrived at, was that labels sets are for some reason associated with the course owner, i.e. the person that created that label set.

Tara, this is why the Course manager role does not have permission to access the Labels tab.

However, custom label sets should only be associated with the course it belongs to, regardless of who created it initially. 

Erica Austin


Is there a way for the Course Manager to change who the course owner is? I was collaborating with a coworker on a Rise eLearning, but my coworker quit and moved onto another company before we finished the project. I'm now ready to publish for review and can't do anything. Please tell me I don't have to rebuild the whole thing!

Karl Muller

Hi Erica,

The Articulate Teams Administrator for your organization can transfer all Rise courses of which the team member that just left was the owner, to any other Rise account holder in your team.


Crystal Horn

Hi Alex,

It sounds like you're asking for the ability to share translated labels sets across the team. Course owners are able to export the XLF file for sharing with other users. There isn't way at this point to preload those label sets into every author's Rise 360 app; the individual XLF files will need to be imported by each author.