Advice on which method to use to Share the same instance of a course

Apr 29, 2020

Hello community. I've been reading the Teams section about collaborating vs course manager vs ownership.  I'm unsure of the best method for a team having access to the same course (not duplicate). For purposes when one of the team is absent and a course needs changes as well as the ability to EXPORT to an LMS, which a collaborator role doesn't allow.

I thinking the course manager, however does this allow for a single instance of the course to be shared and edited and exported to LMS.

Or would transferring ownership be the best method, but does the original owner give away their access to the course?

Our need is, for all team members to have: editing, exporting, sharing rules set for the role.  Our organisation is in a state of ‘flux’ due to covid and courses require editing with little notice at the moment !

Would be grateful if you could clarify how the manager and ownership methods work. I understand how the collaborator role works it just doesn't have the export rule set for it.


Thank you.  Appreciate your efforts

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Karl Muller

As you can only have one course owner, it seems the Course Manager role is the best option for your team:

Collaborators can have one of three roles for a course:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • A Course Manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, and delete the course. When a course manager publishes a course to Review 360, it's published to the course owner's account rather than the course manager's account. 
  • A Course Collaborator can edit the course but doesn’t have access to Settings, Share, Review, or Export.


AFAIK, if a course owner transfers a course to someone else, the original owner automatically becomes a Course Collaborator.

Kim Rushbrooke

Thank you Karl,

It may appear Course Manager would be the best option for us then. I don't believe labels will need changing or ownership transferred, and especially not course deletion.

I shall do this method Karl.  I already knew what method to use, but I always like to clarify and double check, only been using RISE for a little over a year now.  Thanks again.

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