Misalignment and extra white space in Rise

May 24, 2018

I've been using Rise for a client. I don't have any outcome data yet, but I'm concerned that Rise has issues that increase cognitive load and therefore impact the quality of instruction. The most concerning issue I have is with image mis-alignment in the various image blocks. Alignment is a foundational design principle, yet the various image blocks are not aligned with other text blocks. They blow out of the margins. Also, the amount of white space between blocks, and the way text renders next to images in the Image & Text block, causes a spacial contiguity issue. Is anyone else experiencing issues with misalignment and excessive white space in Rise?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mary Beth,

I really appreciate your feedback, and I'm curious to know more. Can you share a screenshot of the image mis-alignment you're seeing? There may be ways to tweak the padding, so it would be helpful to get an idea of the blocks you're using.

In regards to the white space between blocks, I wanted to share some insight on the default padding settings from Adam here. You're always welcome to change that padding, if you feel it renders too much white space. 

Mary Beth Faccioli

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks so much for your response. I will have a look at the padding settings and see if that info can help with some of the issues. The misalignment I'm talking about can be seen in the image attached. I can provide other examples too using other image blocks, but hopefully this will get the point across. I blurred the text but you can still see the alignment issue.

Sara Breedon

I've also experienced this. For our assets, I've indented the text alignment next to the image to align with the overall text margin. The images are still affected though. Also, white space is an issue. I try to remove the extra padding to help with this. Another issue we've found is that the text centers vertically whereas we would prefer to have the text-align at the top of the image as our images are step by step videos of the text. It makes sense to have the left text which is a text step by step and the gif which is the visual align. Right now it's all manual and can be time-consuming to get it just right and does leave room for error. And, because the format is altered depending on how it's consumed to fit the user's resolution, truly it's never aligned properly 100%.