Change the padding default?

Nov 20, 2016


I'm really enjoying using Rise. Thanks.

I find that 30pt padding between blocks is too wide and I'm having to edit every block. Is there a way to set the default to "no padding"? j.

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Adam Schwartz

Hey Janet - I'm so happy that you're enjoying using rise.

We set the default padding to 30px top and bottom based on a lot of testing across multiple devices and with lots of different content. It provided the best balance of white-space and content, providing a great learning experience that wasn't too dense or heavy. 

I'd be curious to see an example where no-padding on every block works best. (Is this for both top and bottom?!) If you can share, that would be great. 

Janet Robertson

Thanks for your quick response, Adam. I understand what you are saying about the balance of white-space and content, and 30 px does work well in many cases. I've just been finding I'm using no padding a lot in a current project and I was looking to reset the default. Here's  the difference between 30px padding and no padding in an image and text example (attached).

Thanks, again.

Michael Fimian

I find that I lower the padding a bit when I have a text block trailing a MM block.  The text looks more associated with the elements that way.  Probably about 50% of my imports...  I find that the single line divider isn't seen by people so the chunked aspect of the page isn't very obvious.  On the other hand, the "continue" block offsets that somewhat allowing users to move from chunk to chunk...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cher,

Thanks for that image example - and we are looking at additional changes to how you can adjust padding. I don't have a timeframe to share on that enhancement yet, but I will certainly keep you posted here! 

For the last part of the padding in the quote block, you'll also notice the top portion of the quotes icon (very light in the image) is at the top of the block, but the text on that one is still lower. It's centered in the overall block element.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Thiago and Stuart for sharing your need for this too! We do get lots of requests and ideas here in the forums and also through our feature request form.

It's always helpful to hear feedback from our customers, and we take all of these suggestions into account. In case you're wondering, here's how we manage all of the ideas we receive!