Moodle App & Rise Courses

Hi all, I'm using the Moodle app in conjunction with Rise-generated courses (there's no content other than the Rise scorm output). My issue is on exit / completion. Using the hyperlink option within Rise to return to my Course home page is great on the web version, but problematic using the App. I want the Course to return to the Course home page (to select another Course), or ideally, to automatically go to the next Course (though I doubt that's possible). Need a solution here so appreciate your feedback on what my options might be.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim,

I saw you also discussed this with my colleague, Vevette who shared some ways in which you could edit the Rise content to work with your Moodle mobile app. I hope other folks in the community who use the same set up can share additional ideas here with you! 

If you're able to launch the course outside the Moodle app, you'll want to use one of the Rise supported browsers here.