moving from one program to another and recording this on the LMS

Nov 21, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure where this fits but here goes ...

We have a mandatory eLearning program (Infection Control).

For Year 1, employees complete the eLearning program (developed in Storyline) which includes mini assessments but also a practical assessment (a requirement).  For further years this has been the SAME approach (yes, I know ...).  I am trying to change the status quo slowly and was thinking for Year 2 to create a mini version of the Storyline in Rise with the idea of quick bites of content and mini activities.  My idea is that if the employee does not obtain the minimal correct answers then they will need to be directed to the "bigger" program (Storyline).  But from a Storyline/Rise and Learning Management System how does this work?  Any pointers?    

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wendy edwards

Hi Allison,

Many thanks for your response.  I agree, I need to speak to my LMS provider ... I was just not sure whether something technical from Articulate development needed to take place e.g. if employee was not successful in completing the assessments (in Rise), how that information would be 'created'.  I will speak to my provider.  Regards,Wendy   

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