Multi-column Designs

Mar 28, 2017

Right now Rise is a single column design tool where you add new blocks directly below existing content to form a single column of blocks. Are there plans to allow double or triple column designs so you can have side-by-side (multiple column) elements in landscape that rearrange to single column in portrait on a phone?

I think the design interface would show the + marks both below and to the right of existing content so you could build out either way. Just a thought.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Brett - I hadn't thought about something like that, but it's a cool idea I can share with our product team! I wonder if you could share a bit more behind the "why" for this column format - how does the horizontal columns help or change your design within Rise vs. the current vertical layout? It's that type of information which is really helpful to our team as they look at designing updates and new features as then they can dig into the why and all the possible solutions!

Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley. There are probably lots of ways a multi-column options could be useful. It makes a nice design feature to have items side by side and works well for comparisons, for example. I think of Rise in more of a web design/development way where in landscape you may want to have a few columns of items, whether images, text, video, or any combination that then rearrange themselves when viewed in a portrait. You'll notice this behavior in lots of websites and it would be great to be able to do something similar with learning content.

Chantel Nicolay

I would really like this feature as well.  I created a course in Rise that has the pdf of the handout and I would like our learners to be able to take notes next to the handout.  Currently it sits below the pdf and my team thinks the learner will struggle scrolling up and down so much during the course.  Hope this makes sense.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jay and Chantal, 

Thanks for sharing some additional insights on this here. I took a look at what we have in Rise, and noticed we've got a button with text, and based on the device you're using we'll reflow the content as shown: 

Could you share a bit more detail on how the button next to an image fits with your course design? I'd be happy to pass that along to our team, but you can also feel free to detail those ideas more through a feature request!

Matthew Makaran

I have been working quite a bit with CSS on websites. I really would love to style Rise in a similar fashion with columns to condense some of the information to one line. This gives multiple advantages as already stated above. I am currently trying to create a horizontal line that would be split into 3 columns containing  (Button, Header, Button). However, can not seem to find a way to do this. The closest I can get is the Tab Block, however that is not the functionality I would like as the middle tab would still be clickable. Additionally, the tab design is not ideal for what I am working with.

3 years of waiting for such a powerful and design-changing feature. I am surprised this is still an issue after the requests here and the amount of others I have found while searching for a fix. 

Christa Novelli

I was hoping to have two columns for an interactive block (labeled graphic). I am creating a compliance course and wanted to have graphics for identifying military end-users - a lot of different types. I don't have one image that covers everything from military police to companies that do business with the government. 

It would make more sense to be able to lay the images next to one another rather than have big images displayed vertically on the screen.